Terms and Conditions

Introduction Context

I never had imagined that after all these years of being the owner/captain of this yacht, that I would offer her via an Auction to a potential new owner.

I have had her for sale via Edmiston for 1.200.000, – Euro in her glory days and even with price reductions to 850.000, – Euro and 450.000, – Euro, they have not been able to sell her.

Afterwards my Central Agent, became West Nautical, where the yacht is still visible on there Website and just had a price Reduction from 450.000, – Euro to 200.000,- Euro.

I’m writing these Terms and Conditions, to make it as transparent as can be for you to understand the actual situation.

At the moment the Yacht is in Porto Montenegro and I have not been able to pay the Port Fee for her Berthing. These Fees have accumulated to just over 30.000,- Euros and are my concern and responsibility.

The Port Fees will be taken care of by me, once a winning bid have been taken place, and immediately after full payment have been received. Yacht Registration will be handled simultaneously while contract and Yacht Registration need to be signed and send by post (DHL, UPS or Fedex) if the new owner is not able to come here for this transaction.

The main Reason, why I have to sell the Yacht via this Auction is that Porto Montenegro have been very coulant up until the begining of this year but need to see some movement in Ownership and have the old Port Fees paid by me.

Terms and Conditions

The Auction will be run on this website only, from 13/03/2021 12:00 AM (Central European Time), until 30/03/2021 14:00 PM (CET)

The Starting bid for the Auction will be 75.000, – Euros

There is No Reserve Price, so in the case of only one Bidder which bids 75.000,- Euro, the yacht will be sold for that price.

The minimum increments for overbidding an existing offer from another bidder are set to 10% of the initial Starting Bid, so 7.500, Euro each time you want to overbid.

Each individual can bid during the Time that the Auction is Live.

Agent and or Representative

In the Case of a Representative or Agent taking care of the bidding for potential client of them, these persons have to make clear to me personally that they are acting on behalf of someone else. This needs to be communicated before or during the Auction via Email to frech@rockstock.me or via Whatsapp on Mobile Number +38267360832.

In the Case when a Potential Bidder is bidding via the website on there own behalf and a representative or Agent has been involved to point them to this Auction, a Commission is still Granted to this representative or Agent, once this Client/Friend/Relative becomes the winner of the Auction and full payment have been received and Yacht Registration have been transferred to this Client/Friend/Relative.

Commission will be paid within 10 Days after Receiving Full Payment from Auction Winner.


Payments via Bitcoin, Paypal, cash and via Banktransfer are allowed.

10% of the winning bid need to be Transferred within 48 Hours, after the Auction has finished for Cash and Banktransfers.

In case of paying via Paypal or Bitcoin the full amount need to be paid at once within 48 hours.

Full Payment need to be finalised within 10 days for Cash and Bank Transfers. Not working Days, but need to be finalised and shown proof of payment until 7th of April 2021.(This clause will also be in place for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Highest bidder)


Immediately after the Auction has ended and a winning bidder is known, this person is obliged to get in Contact with me to discuss the next steps for transferring Yacht Registration on his Name.

The yacht is at the moment Privatly Registered under my name in Delaware, USA.

The Winner of the Auction need to make clear what his plans are for the yacht and where he or she wil Register the Yacht.


During the Auction it is possible for an Out of Water Survey. Potential Bidder can subcontract his own Surveyor to visit the Yacht During the Auction for an in and out of water Survey.

Cost for the Surveyor, in the case the bidder cannot make it down to the yacht himself, are for the bidder. Cost for taken the yacht out of the water, washing bottom, cleaning Propellor and put one coat of Antifouling, are for the bidder and need to be paid in advance. Cost will be 3.500,- Euro.

Cost for crew, Cruising Permit, Diesel, moving the yacht and removing front stays for the Travel Lift, for an out of water Survey, will cost 500, – Euro and need to be paid in advance. Out of water can take place with a Contract, Deposit Payment and full costs payed in advance.

After the Auction has ended, there is No possibility of Survey anymore. The yacht is Auctioned as is and there will be no arguments after the Auction on Price Reductions. If the winner of the Auction tries to negotiate the price down, the second highest Bidder will be contacted and considered the Winner of the Auction. (This clause will also be in place for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th Highest bidder)


All Information on this Website is the only sort of “Up to Date” Information. Any Information elsewhere found on the Internet, like West Nautical, Facebook, Google or other Domains cannot be considered accurate.

I can communicate by email, phone or Whatsapp any additional Information and are here to take away any doubt or fears. I have been Captain/Owner of this yacht for over 20 Years and are willing to stay on as Captain or Refit Manager to help the new owner get the Yacht back in shape.


Once a winner is known for the Auction, a Contract will be drafted between me and the Auction Winner.

This contract will be used for transferring Yacht Registration from me personally to the Auction Winner. Contract has to be signed within 48 Hours after Auction has finished. In case the Auction Winner is not willing to sign the Contract the second highest bidder will be contacted to take over as Auction Winner at his highest bid.

Malfunction / Website offline

In the case that the Auction is not working as is supposed to be as expected, the Auction can still take place in the same Time Period (13th March 12:00 AM CET until 30th March 14:00 AM CET).

Bids can be transmitted via email to frech@rockstock.me or via Whatsapp to +38267360832. In this specific case I will try to communicate the bids to other bidders in real time as fast as possible. Hopefully all will work and this will not have to take place.

All the best and hope to hear from you soon.

Greets Jeroen Frech

(Owner / Captain) L’Odyssee & CEO Rockstock Productions